Stipends for High School Mathematics Students

Attending a mathematics summer program can be a life-changing experience for a young scholar. These programs help talented students explore the vast and fascinating world of mathematics, build connections with their peers that can last a lifetime, and gain an appreciation for the value of a mathematical or scientific career.

The Mathematics Summer Stipends (MASST) program is a stipend program whose goal is to fulfill the untapped potential of young mathematics scholars, by making these summer experiences equally accessible to all students regardless of income. The MASST stipends are funded by the National Science Foundation, and designed for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who need to replace the income from a summer job in order to attend a mathematics summer program.

We are now accepting nominations for Summer 2016. We expect to award stipends between $250 and $3000. The stipends will be awarded to students who have been accepted to a summer mathematics enrichment program with full scholarship, and who demonstrate additional need. You may use your stipend for any purpose, such as replacement for taking a summer job.

To be considered for a MASST stipend, you should first apply to the summer program of your choice. An extensive list of summer programs is available here. Once you have heard back from your summer program, the process is as follows.

  1. Ask your summer program to nominate you for a MASST stipend. Nomination letters should be sent to masst2016 at masst-program dot org. The letter must confirm that your program has awarded you a full scholarship. When you request a nomination, please also give your summer program permission to share your application materials with us.
  2. Fill out the financial information form here (PDF), and send the completed form by email to masst2016 at masst-program dot org, or by fax to (888) 371-4159.

There is no nomination deadline; nominations will be considered on a rolling basis. To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

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